One day, twenty-two years ago ….

graphic designers toolbox, pencil image, looking for a independent proactive graphic designer for effective, interactive marketing communications?

It's been a long journey since “independence day” in 1995 and in the past twenty plus years I've met and helped some remarkable people and clients. Some have come and gone, sadly a few are no longer with us, but others have stayed for the long haul and, of course, there have been plenty of new clients too. Throughout, my attitude has remained the same; to provide fresh thinking, vision and support, and to be prepared to go the extra mile.

Most of all, we like our clients to be successful; that’s what it’s all about isn't it?

And about me; well, I'm a graphic designer as it says. That means having the knowledge and skills to create effective visual communications for marketing and sales, think on my feet and be a proactive problem solver.

So, to all those clients, suppliers, business friends and acquaintances who've supported us; thank you!

If, however, you are looking for these services (graphic design and interactive marketing communications) and this attitude then call or email. And if you are going to visit let me know and there will be tea or coffee waiting for you.